RC 132: The Radio Clash File with Celebrity Murder Party and Mark Whoboy

A special interactive edition of Radio Clash collaborating with Celebrity Murder Party, specially for the 3rd birthday of Radio Clash (well I’m a few weeks early)

Can you solve the mystery of John Law’s disappearance?

If so then an exclusive mashup compilation with tracks from The Who Boys, CMP, dj lobsterdust, LeeDM101, RIAA, Copycat and World Famous Audio Hacker would be yours.

Find the clues in the show and in the Flash map below and get the top-secret The Radio Clash File! Don’r forget – email me with the code when you’re solved it, I’ll mention you on future shows, and I might play another track from the compilation πŸ˜‰

Thanks to CMP for the idea and their hard work and Mark Who Boy for the great voiceage!

Oh and as usual, the language and themes reflect the hard, dangerous and explicit life of a spy!

EDIT: You can now download the compilation direct rather than use the (not working now? Silly Google!) Flash file – Radio Clash Files πŸ˜‰

Dum de dum dum de dum de dum de dum dum de dum (74Mb, 1:45)


* only available on The Radio Clash File compilation

  • John Barry – Persuaders Theme
  • Hello Celebrities!
  • amillionsons – double oh heaven
  • Michael Mills – Queen
  • dj lobsterdust – It’s Fun To Smoke Dust (Satanic Reverses mix)*
  • Strummer Toys & Liquid Silk
  • Roy Budd – Carter Gets the Train
  • Golden Bootie Showers
  • Desmond Dekker and the Aces – 007 (Shanty Town)
  • Randy’s Allstars – Mission Impossible
  • Burnt Toast
  • SFA – She’s Got Spies
  • Sarah Vaughn – Peter Gunn (Max Sedgley mix)
  • Dances with Freud
  • dj lobsterdust – Wanna Be Your Alala*
  • Acen – Trip 2 The Moon(The Darkside)
  • DUKE DUMONT – Final Level
  • LeeDM101 – Hot Pursuit*
  • Celebrity Murder Party – The HoneyTrap (a Bond symysogny)
  • Where’s Maddy? He Says
  • The Who Boys – Hugh Boy Secret Agent*
  • William S. Burroughs – Dr. Benway Operates
  • Slap me with a wet kipper (in mandarin)
  • Tape Beatles – Dashed against the rock
  • My Bloody Valentine – We Have All The Time In The World
  • Michelin Wicker Man?

Can’t see the map? Try here


  1. I had a moment there when you played Sarah Vaughn’s version of “Peter Gunn” (the Max Sedgley mix) where I had a brief hope that you were playing my L L Cool J bootleg that incorporates that mix! πŸ˜‰

    – WF

  2. Pete (W.A. Duck)
    November 15

    One of your map pins in Kilburn Park doesn’t have a pop-up. Is that a bug?

    Or is that a clue!

  3. November 15

    No that’s just a bug, supposed to be a link to me πŸ˜‰

  4. June 11

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