Something rilly rilly obvious…

I doubt the makers of sites like Podsafe Music Network come here, or any of the other sites like Odeo that have podsafe/unsigned music…but something that is SO OBVIOUS that none of the sites (podsafe or otherwise) ever do is to allow you to compile your own radio station of tracks you (might) like to play, so you can preview/listen/skip to them in the background as you do something else. I suspect the arrogance of marketing companies here – LET’S FORCE THEM TO READ THE ADS! HAHAHAHA!

And sadly the Flash preview buttons tend to cut out in Firefox, forcing you to keep that page open or use the security/UI hole that is IE (ugh).

It seems so fucking obvious, so why does no-one do it?

And decent meta-tagging of podsafe tracks would be nice, or a utility that goes through my iTunes marking podsafe tunes, or at the very least all podsafe tunes should have the word ‘podsafe’ in the comments field.

You’d think that was fairly obvious? Nope.

This is one reason I rarely use podsafe music, as well as general apathy regarding a lot of mini-Me generic unsigned music is that I’d have to spend DOUBLE the time I do now finding tracks, and I’m not totally sure the quality is better? I need to be convinced, but spending more time finding the tracks than the old-fashioned methods (radio, record store, blogs, Myspace etc.) is not going to do it. Especially if it’s supposed to be Web 2.0 and coming from the Net – we’re supposed to know this shit off pat, right?

I’m all for music that isn’t from the big 4, independent or podsafe or unsigned – but if it drains even more time – and those of you with podcasts understand this, those without should stop moaning for new shows cos you don’t understand how much time this takes – and/pr the quality drops it’s not a goer.

So make it easier, and logic says I might play them more…? Anyone?

Relatio Clash


  1. November 7

    I have, but it’s not podsafe is it? PMN and Odeo do podsafe tracks, I can hear tracks like on thousands of radio stations, blogs etc. but unsigned / podsafe I really have to search for them….rather than it coming/streaming straight to me.

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