Month: September 2007

September 30 /

Can you identify all the records? See 33, see 45, see 78 GO! Tim getsĀ  a new USB record deck and goes crazy! goes crazy! Sees jungle! And plays 80’s tacky disco cheese instead. Oh and a few other rekkids…

September 27 /

It’s Poptastic Funtastic Radiooo Claaaaaaaaaash! Coming today from the Beachy Head Roadshow, where we’ll show Noel Edmunds really how to bungy jump, and Popplasticfantastic Tony Blackburn shows us the danger of standing too close to fires. It’s the Northern Rock…

September 20 /

via the beautiful bonehound

September 18 /

via tim_e_bear on LJ (yup it takes a Canadian to show me something that’s on terrestrial radio in the UK!)