Like the best Bootleg Party. Ever.

It’s GYBO (the bootleg board)’s 5th birthday and Holestar and co. have arranged a free party for it’s members in the east end of London on Saturday August 18th. Bootleggers coming from all over the world to see this one and play. Many regulars to the Radio Clash playlist are either playing or are going to be there, including quite a few that have been interviewed or hosted the show in the past. I’ll be there also, but you can’t have everything…;-)

Check out the DJ list!:

The Freelance Hellraiser
Cartel Communique
Eve Massacre
Poj Masta
Pirate Soundsystem
Deep Disco Force

So check out the thread here (you have to be registered) and speak to Holestar if you want to go (NOTE: it’s guestlist only).

And Pilchard, John Shed and Who Boys are going, we can only hope they don’t sink the boat…

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