Off to Germany!

I’m off! Well this Wednesday 25th I am, off to Germany for a week – firstly to Kassel for Documenta then onto Berlin for the weekend/start of the weekend and back on the 1st August. Might get to Berlin early, depends how arted-out I am.

Any suggestions of where to go in those places?

I might podcast from Germany, I’ll take the gear and see how I feel…

There might be a new podcast before then, I dunno.

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  1. Timsdad
    July 28

    Hi Tim

    I used to know the best places in Kassel in 1960, but I doubt whether that info would be any use now!

    As I remember it, the town was lively enough to get us to drive about 75 Kms to visit it. The BEST places used to have signs outside saying “Out of Bounds to British Service Personnel”. This made them very easy to find! Have fun.

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