Radio Clash promos

I’ve been requested for these a few times now by other podcasters – and if I say myself I’m rather proud of these promos (ooh get her!). So feel free to spread/play/whatever. They are non-CC/non-podsafe btw (although only the backing and most is fairly unrecogniseable) apart from the last one which is all my own work.

Long term listeners might not have heard the BubnBob promo/ident (I don’t think I ever used it!) or the Britcaster 5 minute intro to Radio Clash from a year ago!

Radio Clash Blankety Blank Promo

Numbers Promo

Skype promo

Bub n’ Bob Promo/Sting

Britcaster Introduction to Radio Clash (5 mins, May 2006 – fully Creative Commons Non-commercial/Podsafe as it’s all my own music!)

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