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Yes after 2 years Who Boys have a new mashup album out called The Good, The Bad and the Who Boys it’s a mixture of noise, drum and bass and downtempo doo wop, it seems to cover all bases – regular listeners to Radio Clash would’ve heard 4 of these tracks, all of which I heartily recommend (and now can finally post) –

Voodoo Molly (Little Richard cosies up to Musical Youth, they wisely get very scared)
Stayin’ A Firestarter (caused, well, fires* to start at San Francisco’s Bootie and the Who Boys Shunt gig. * Or something the kids say nowadays…)
Scarborough Clocks (Coldplay goes folderol?)
Friends Stuck in Chemicals (Gerry Rafferty and friends meet Gary Numan – I wonder what they talked about?)

Of the newer ones the downtempo ones are really floating my boat, see also San Fran Chopin, Strange Pyramid, the funny Who Boys Choral Society covers. For noisy dnb see Blue Betty and We Will Chop You (Aphrodite! WOOH!). Needless to say, as before you will hear some of these new tracks on upcoming Radio Clash shows.

Don’t forget, if you haven’t already check out the show where they invaded Radio Clash despite UN sanctions and international furore…you might then understand more of the creative chaos that is Who Boys. Or will you?


  1. Thanks Tim! You know I went to their site and started the mild pain in the ass process of downloading the 24 (!) tracks one at a time. And halfway through I saw that little link at the bottom of the page: “to download the entire album as a single zip file click here.”

    Aaarrggghh. Oh well, just a little wasted time and bandwidth. I’ll have to soothe my tortured soul by listening to their choons over and over until they become part of my DNA. That should make me feel better.


  2. You could always use a download manager like DownloadThemAll as I do…makes it a lot easier!

    Yeah the Zip was added recently…

  3. May 9

    (while i listen to rc117…)


    It’s rare in this scene to be able to count on talented outfits, i can name five really…

    and these guys will always be there, year after year… GET THIS ALBUM!


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