Now frequent readers of this blog will know how much I love Apple, and when Charles II the iPod went wrong a few weeks back (problems with the headphone and docking socket, freezes, havign to keep restoring it) 10 months into the warrant, I wasn’t holding out much hope.

The speed of Applecare’s response and mention of a replacement gave me false hope, but as I expected like friends of mine those were dashed pretty soon.

I sent it last Thursday, expecting no response for a while because of Easter here meaning Friday and Monday were knocked out, and most support places don’t do Saturdays….so I was surprised to get an email last night telling me that due to ‘accidental damage or misuse’ my iPod was being returned, and it just arrived and there’s a big green arrow pointing at the docking connector as the scene of the crime. WTF?

This was news to me, other than using it every day I’ve taken good care of it, even keeping it one of those super-protective rubber cases. The headphone jack could’ve been wear and tear, but the other issues have no known reason…all I know it my remote won’t work with it (so I can’t avoid the headphone issue) and it keeps not recognising the iPod and needing to be restored.

So I’m left with a duff iPod and a feeling that they took one look at it, saw that it was close to the expiry date of the warranty, stuck a sticker on it and shipped it out – I mean 1 day turnaround for all iPods? I don’t believe they bothered to check it at all. They know that being close to warranty that even if I argue and send letters they’ll just delay and take me over the period. Been there, done that with Sony and Sharp (in my Minidisc days – another magnetic medium that is unreliable in small consumer players for frequent use)

So iPods for all their expense and suppose build, don’t even last their legal mandatory 12 month period if you use them everyday…after this and Gerald the iRiver going down after 5 months I’m fed up with HD MP3 players – all my Flash iRivers are still going strong. I think the technology is too shoddily built and riddled with obsolescence.

So Apple and Applecare are crap – surprise surprise News at 10 – but it leaves me without a MP3 player that can handle more than 1Gb, so sorry podcasters I can’t listen to your casts until I get something larger…do they make large capacity flash players over 8Gb yet?


  1. April 12

    I’ve found that 8gb seems to be the max for Flash players but if your looking for a reliable, good quality player then buy a sandisk Sansa e280(Get the US version). I’ve used mine everyday for the past 3 months without any hassle. (Just don’t buy it from Pixmania. (Pixmania = evil/slow delivery and no customer service)

    Whens the next live Podcast?

  2. Choppers
    May 29

    OK, so I’m over a month late replying, but never mind; I totally agree; my minidisc (Sony) and my Creative Zen:novision:M (for Muthahubbard) both lasted 13months exactly…. this isn’t even fishy, it’s blatant ripoff tactics. I know sooooooo many people it’s happened to. I’m actually trying to find someone who’s had a player they’ve used everyday for over 18 months and I’m REALLY struggling, well, basically, I can’t. I’m sticking to small capacity Flash players for the time being, and keeping my fingers crossed that my Sansa is going to give me some consumer confidence and restore/create my faith in the industry.

    But anyway, back to the podcast, been listening for about 18 months, (with a slight haiatus towards the start of this year) you personally have got me into soooo much quality music without being snobby in the slightest, which is quite rare. Your humour is spot on and I rarely find your rants annoying (the first time….). Cheers, keep it up.

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