Radio Clash featured over at Podfinder

I forgot to say – I’ve been featured and reviewed over at the PodfinderUK video podcast on show 6 – thanks! If you can get over my ugly fizzog being on the video it’s quite good, although it sounds like I didn’t totally convert the presenter! In good company too – not only Tartan Podcast featured (love the ‘I Heart AC’ graphic!), but also Bitjobs for the Masses.
EDIT: And is that a little of Dunproofin’s FU2 mix of Lady Sov I hear on the Twinkelboi segment? 😉 Class tune to be playing and one I also featured on Radio Clash recently.
Gig went really well in Bristol, massive success and loads of people turned up, proper podcast report and photies coming soon!

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  1. March 12

    Glad the gig in Bristol went well

    Hope you remembered your Networksoutheast card

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