It took 2 years but…


  1. Jumpthesnark
    February 26

    Holy crap. So… does this mean you’re finally one of the cool kids? 🙂 Or you’re no longer one of the cool kids? I’m confused. Anyway, congrats on the big news! It’s another step toward worldwide domination. You’re unstoppable.

    And nothing against iTunes at all, but I’ll probably continue to come here for my dose of Tim and to download the latest podcast. I want to stay current on all the comments & stuff. Of course, I guess I can do both.

  2. February 26

    Cool kids? I don’t have the stupid emo piled-up died hairstyle and the ironic t-shirts and piercings for that….;-)

  3. Jumpthesnark
    February 27

    So I’ll have to look elsewhere for guys who wear girls’ jeans? Damn. Damn, damn damn. 🙂

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