I’m DJing at Eclectic Kettle – March 10th in Bristol

Eclectic Kettle

As the email from them succinctly puts it:

1 – it’s free to get in.
2 – if you get there early enough you’ll get a free CD of great tunes that you might’ve heard on previous WoBcasts.
3 – there will be some great music played by Bloodsworth of Babyhead and DJ No No (aka Instamatic, aka tbc from Radio Clash) <<< me!. 4 - it starts at 9pm and goes on til 2am. 5 - it's on Saturday March 10th. It's going to be a lot of fun, a lot of the kind of tunes I've been playtesting at the Parkade in SL (but this is Real Life!), classic fun tunes, ska, reggae, new wave, 70's pop, disco, 80's, and modern electrohouse and mashups..ones people have forgotten, the eclectic, the unusual, the should-be-loved. the classic and the new. Might even play the odd one of mine...and the WOBguys will play a real mixture of fun tunes and mashups, being true to the eclectic name.

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