Month: January 2007

January 30 /

OK firstly I’ll post this predictable piece of humour, as posted many times in all of the places on the Net I go, in a nudge-nudge-wink-wink sort of style. Now I’ll tear it to pieces. You know it’s funny how…

January 29 /

As seen on the Tea & Podcasts forum, short notice I know, but anyone going to the London Podcaster meetup this Friday (2nd) in London, Victoria?

January 27 /


Sony DVD-R’s are shit. Bought a large 50-stack of 16 speed ones them and about half have failed, even at 8 or 4 speed, where my usual TDKs are fine. AVOID! That is all…

January 26 /

French Bastard flyer by DJ Zebra Interviews from French Bastard at 93 Feet East with Comar, Totom, Who Boys and John Sheddus Interruptus, and with Cartel Communique aka Mike and Johnny, promoters of Bastard spill the beans about the new…