RC#2: Bah Humbug flyer now up!

Bah Humbug large
Click for larger flyer! 

Sorry for the delay but here is the flyer for the Radio Clash #2 night (was Hectic Eclectic 2, now renamed Bah Humbug – that’ll teach me to name nights before doing the flyer!) next Wednesday 13th December at the Arts Theatre Club, 50 Frith St in London, with DJs Eric from the Kleptones and £50 Note with a live/DJ set.

As it says on the flyer it’s guestlist only so RSVP via email or comment here.


  1. […] Anyway, in other K-related podcast news, Radio Clash have posted the second part of the wine fuelled chat we had during the Web 2.0 Summit last month – this time we deviate from the music to talk trannys, topography and transport, and there’s also an interview with A&D from Bootie – you can find it here. Also don’t forget I’m DJing for Radio Clash’s occasional club tomorrow night in London, and it’s free! Details are here. […]

  2. Anthony Clements
    December 13

    I would like to come tonight

  3. Richard Neal
    December 13

    Can you put me on the guestlist tonight? Cheers, see you there!

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