New Instamatic mashups! Free music! Multiply site!

New mashups and a new host site – remember although I’ll post here whenever I post something big up, it’ll be good to check that too. Currently there are a few of the boots I played at Bootie in San Francisco:

  • Push it Slut (French Avenue 2006) – An older boot from 2004 given a sparkly new treatment and basically redone from the ground up, adding Kraftwerk’s Tour de France to the existing mix of Avenue D’s ‘Do you Think I’m a Slut?’ and Salt n’ Pepa’s classic ‘Push It’
  • Alison She’s So Horsey – sort of floating around for a while, this is an excercise in taking the piss out of Ms Alison’s ‘Ride a White Horse’ which like a lot of Goldfrapp wears it’s influences not only on it’s sleeve but pretty much has stolen the whole wardrobe! So I mixed it with Laidback ‘White Horse’ and a spoof of that called Disco Horse
  • Ghetto Tits 2006 – another remake and a companion to Push it Slut, this is Benassi’s remix of Outkast’s Ghetto Musick mixed with various Peaches tracks, with added Scissor Sisters ‘Tits on the Radio’ and Salt n Pepa and a touch of Kraftwerk again for good measure. That’s if your measure is slightly tilting and vibrating from the bass, that is.
  • LFO Can’t Turn Around – a bit of a cheat this one, it’s been released in the R-House mix before but never seperately, this mixes LFO ‘LFO’ with Farley Jackmaster Funk’s house classic ‘Love Can’t Turn Around’ and I’m rather fond of it.

Download them all here

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