Second Life – meet DJNoNo Ulysses

DJNoNo Ulysses @ Republik

This is DJNoNo Ulysses dancing down Club Republik tonight and having a great time…and what’s he wearing? Well yes Podwhoring happens in SL too, with my first thing I’ve made, the Radio Clash t-shirt (actual version will follow at some point, he’s a virtual model!)

I know some of you are on SL, so come and say hi, or even come and get a Radio Clash t-shirt (if I can work out how to copy it) – but where are the podcasters?

Podcast Island always seems empty – have they dropped it already? Cos the bootleggers are getting into it, there even was a virtual Bootie (thanks to Andy Asylum aka Churchill, who just DJ’d at a Pontiac do on SL before Jay-Z) so I was simulataneously playing to a room of SL avatars AND real people when I DJ’d the main room!

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  1. November 30

    Many podcasters have jumped off the SL bandwagon. It was taking up too much time and computer resources and well.. I need to work on my real life. But yes.. for a few months.. it was fun… glad to see some good people are still using it.. as opposed to the morons that used to sit around waiting for AC to show up.

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