Radio Clash 93: D’Ya Ken? Disturbed Listening Hour

In honour of…well you know.

File this under ‘things that shouldn’t be done in Podcasting/Radio/Whatever’ #234563XXYZ.

Maddest stupidest craziest audience-killing most offensive explicit silly Radio Clash EVAH! And that’s saying something….and a few words from the Randy Random Rambler…if you can survive this, you can survive anything 😀

Now in full sens-less-round, lemme know if the new files don’t play…

Cum on Feel the Boys

  • Venetian Snares – Herbie Goes Ballistic
  • Shitmat – His Dad is a Maltese, His Mom is a Malti-Poo
  • Mochipet – Yes vs NoMeansNo
  • Tape Beatles – Scream scream scream
  • WobblyWild Why track 13
  • Dead Kennedies – Take this Job and Shove It
  • Crass – It’s Working Class Rip-Off
  • Jo Ann Castle – Tico Tico
  • Cassetteboy – Fly Me to New York (featuring DJ Rubbish) (from Parker Tapes)
  • Bingo StarrOur Gang (Original Von Trapp Ending)
  • Ogden Edsl – Kinko The Clown
  • Cassetteboy – Lambonaise Tonight (from Dead Horse)
  • Macc Lads – Sweaty Betty
  • People Like Us / Wobbly – Girl Pole Steel Scout
  • Marcy – Gospel Express
  • Robin & Crystal Bernard – The Ecumenical Movement (from 365 Project)
  • Frogs – These are the finest queen boys (I’ve ever seen)
  • Heathen Dan – I Like
  • La Terremoto de Alcorcon – Time goes by con Loli (version del hung up de Madonna)
  • Cassetteboy – From This Day On (from Dead Horse)

Suicidal mix:

  • Cabaret Voltaire – Why Kill Time When You Can Kill Yourself
  • Black Box Recorder – Child Psychology
  • Fatima Mansions – A Singer Must Die
  • Indelicates – Waiting for Pete Docherty to Die
  • Susanna & the Magical Orchestra – it’s a long way to the top
  • Carter USM – Suicide Isn’t Painless
  • Cassetteboy – Skoko! (from Dead Horse)
  • Dido & Lumo – Thank You

(Image by Phil Thirkell – yes it is a thing. In Shetland, no less…)


  1. October 13

    Mental. I managed to only use the fast forward button on the first thrash hardcode house thing, which was still funny anyway.

  2. October 13

    Ugh. OK, nearly – Dido as the last track. What do I win BTW?

  3. October 13

    A Halloween ‘Bride of Monster Mash’ special edition ‘black’ CD….not available anywhere, have a few of them as promos for Mutant….

    Email me your address and I’ll send it over 😀

  4. Timo
    October 13

    Bah! I managed to go through it *without* fast-forwarding and even made my work-colleagues listen to parts of it. Well, suicidal thoughts are never far away in this office :-). Unfortunately however I played “Kinko the Clown” on loudspeakers – and had to eat lunch by myself after that. But hey, as Robert Heinlein said: TNASTAFL

  5. thesinkster
    October 13

    godDAMNIT, tim. that was fun. the beginning of that episode felt like aural cocaine. it tickled my brain and my face went numb! i like herbie goes ballistic because it remimds me of atari teenage riot (but less angry). cassette boy is always a treat. i was also familiar with “child psychology” because it was on the soundtrack to the TV show “gilmore girls”. i don’t know if you get that show at all in the UK, but it was really bizzare to see a song like that on such a cute show

    these are my favorite kind of episodes.

    I made it all the way to the end, do i get a treat?

  6. October 13

    Thank you Tim. Great great show…ok not show!

    you’re awesome, and thank you for sharing your taste in music and life.

  7. October 14

    Tim. Man. You think people would skip this episode? yeah right!

    I don’t know how you may take it, but this was, in fact, one of my favorite shows you’ve ever done. I loved all of it, from start to finish. Maybe it’s just my weird tastes of music. Maybe it’s because I listened to this over the course of my day (it’s 3 AM now, on the east coast of the USA, Saturday the 14th) and it’s really been the soundtrack of my friday the 13th.

    It seemed every time i went back to the podcast, it fit the situation.

    Please, do more shows like this. Or just send me all the awesome stuff you have that you think is horrid. I’ll take it all in.

  8. Yaanu
    October 14

    I got to the end of the audioblog/non-show/podcast/mixtape with some guy singing along with Dido or whatever. Am I eligible for a CD, or am I just going to be left in the dust?

    The Dido song brings back memories. Mostly unwanted memories, but memories nontheless.

  9. October 16

    Cool! Prize goodies! (Sorry I took ages there – I only visit this site when I’m supposed to be doing work for some reason)

  10. David Patrick
    October 19

    Damn! You owe me a new monitor…I just spat coffee all over this one from laughing so much. 😀

    More! More! Faster! Faster!

    One of your best, keep ’em coming.

  11. October 19


    Because of the response I’m planning to make it a semi regular thing – pop only goes so far you know (but my soul may be infected with evil breakcore-drumandbass-gabba-sicko-slugcore, but my heart does belong to pop and melodies!).

    Anyway if any of you make it down to Detonate, I will be playing some of this to try (and most likely fail) to fit in with the ‘cool’ breakcore grime broken beat crowd…or maybe just play DJNoNo boots non-stop and laugh at them, not sure which. 😛

    No it’s a great chance to play the sort of music that’s too extreme usually…:-D

  12. October 24

    Hey Tim:

    Just wanted you to know that I made it all the way through the show — and without fast forwarding. During a recital of his music, Charles Ives was sitting behind a man who was slumped in his chair and hissing (not an uncommon reaction to Ives’ music). Ives leaned forward and snarled “By God, sir, when you hear music like this sit up and take it like a man.”

    I did, and it was fine. Thanks for another great program!

  13. October 24

    LOL…funnily enough in the last day or so over at GYBO there is a High-Fidelity-tastic ‘great records’ thread and I listed Charles Ives ‘Unanswered Question’ as one of mine.

    One of the few songs I’d play at my funeral…

  14. November 3

    I listened to the show 3 times. A new record.

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