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Kirk wanted me to write an eulogy to Marvellous – probably the best Sunday club to grace London, which finished a few weeks ago after running for 10 years. I was sadly in Scotland but Kirk was there to big up the Radio Clash massif, and got some shots with Joan Dairy Queen, the hostest with the whitest (face? or was it milk? LOL).

It used to be in Substation South in Brixton, and that was where DJs such as DJ Lush and Johnny Slut (of Nag Nag Nag fame) let their hair down, no attitude, no dress code, just good music…I tended not to go in recent years because of work, but on bank holidays we usually went – sadly we didn’t feel like clubbing this August Bank Holiday and missed the last big Marvellous together, and it stopping was a total surprise. Certainly CRASH wasn’t as good a venue, but the music was there, and both me and Kirk fondly remember pogoing to the likes of Pulp and Kaiser Chiefs, even dancing next to Boy George (fatter in real life!)

According to Kirk even Jake Shears turned up later on at the last one….a fitting end (sadly he didn’t go and offer his poppers to Jake Shears, being too drunk…and no Babydaddy, natch).

So Joan and co. we’ll miss you – you were simply marvellous.

Kirky and Joan

Live at Marvellous (I think)

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