Month: August 2006

August 31 /

I’l be at the London Podcasters meetup this Friday (1st September) most likely, with John my partner likely to be in attendance, along with Scott from Night Nurse Show and Rob from Top of the Pods. It’s at the Albert…

August 29 /
August 24 /

Now I see a lot of new podcasts out there, starting out and facing the same sort of issues I did and falling down the same holes. Now at the danger of sounding like a condescending kitten, there are a few pointers that Uncle Tim has that I’ve learned – maybe you’ll find these useful.

August 21 /

I’m a big fan of the mashup and musical artists The Who Boys and have played them many times on Radio Clash, so I was glad to hear from Mark that they have a podcast ‘Saturday Night With The Who…