Dean Gray – Dr Who on Holiday video

While looking bemusedly at Dr Who Music Videos (have a look on YouTube there are loads – Dr Who vs My Heart Will Go On anyone? Or Kiss Me? Or Nickleback or whatever that is…errr…I’ll mostly pass) I found that Dean Gray’s Dr Who on Holiday has a video. Better (?) alternative source here
Was I the last in the universe to know? Ho hum.

I’d love a better copy *wink**hint**etc*

Relatio Clash


  1. neminem
    July 30

    I’m just sad that they mashed it with the original, purposefully-done-crappily Doctorin’ the Tardis music video, rather than using original Doctor Who video source. I’m almost tempted to make my own mashup video, to fix that.

    But I have another Doctor Who music video to make first, if I ever get there (hint: Captain Jack was a music artist, as well as the name of a character in the show ;)).

    On a related note, you might be interested in this: – just found it a couple days ago.

  2. July 31

    I like the original KLF video – they did it driving to the studios, apparently shot it in camera and delivered it there and then to the Chart Show.

    That’s what they said anyway…suspiciouly edited, but it sounds like real rock n’ roll mythology.

  3. daft monkey
    July 31

    i have a high quality version of the video as it was submitted to the american edit / dean gray tuesday site prior to the gray tuesday event. i’ll dig it up and make it available for you. there’s a video for one other dean gray song, too… can’t recall which.


  4. July 31

    American Jesus I think

    And thanks! 😀

  5. Kevin
    August 4

    I’m still waiting for Lionel Vinyl to put some of his Dr. Who mashups back up on his website… cool though.

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