Holestar in FIRST MINTY track in 10 years SHOCKA!!!!

Holestar and MINTY

Oops must be the extreme heat, apologies for the Sun-style headline but this is, as my antipodean friends would say, a beaut.

News just in, Holestar (recently dubbed ‘the loudest lungs in London’ she was interviewed by yours truly on Radio Clash #72) recently collaborated and performed a new MINTY* track at Kashpoint with Richard Torry and Mathew Glamorre, and the track ‘It’s a Game pt 2’ is now on Myspace for download – check it out it’s sounds like a japanese game soundtrack gone so very wrong in a head-on collision with an exceedingly debauched party (and yes, that’s a good thing!).

Deserves to be everywhere and my spies tell me that someone you all know from GYBO and I’ve played many a time on Radio Clash (no not me! someone far far better) is remixing it also. Apparently it’s part of a re-release of their back catalogue.

This after being featured in the recent George Michael vid, hey London better watch out, Holestar’s about! 😀

EDIT: Tracks including a new remix also available here: http://musicremixed.org/minty/

* You might remember them from Useless Man or that Leigh Bowery was a founding member, also their show was closed down by Westminster Council for obscenity!

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  1. Mightyfrog
    July 27

    What? no comments? what an amazing show. funny, and truly amazing. such a heart warming tale………

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