Radio Clash on Sirius tonight

According to Madge, the special version of Teh Ghey Euro Metal Show should be played on Sirius Stars 102 tonight, so I’d guess it’s during the Podshoe some time between 6pm-10pm EST and it’s repeated 2am-6am EST, so 11pm-3am UK time and 7am-11am UK time.

I’ll try and listen online at the site – you can put any zip code in, search for one on Google.



  1. July 13

    Huh? I majorly missed this newsworthy item. Please feel free to dish in an email to moi. 😉

  2. July 13

    email on it’s way – but no big secret – I did a few shows filling in for Madge while she’s away in Europe, as did quite a few other people…joining Sirius full time? I wish!

    But I appreciate all the ironies oh so well 😀

  3. July 13

    Just realised I spelt it Podshoe – HAHAHAHAHA

    Is that like the Nike iPod but more talky and with wavier hair?

  4. Riscy
    August 25

    Re zipcodes – I always use 12345 – no feckin’ idea where it is, but it is easy to remember.

    No doubt someone will find out and post where it is now – don’t spoil the mystery for me, please.

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