You cannot be Sirius!

Me and Kirk spoke to the infamous Madge Weinstein in Amsterdam at the weekend (and yes, podcast convo with all of us and Bicyclemark to follow!) and it looks like the fill-in holiday shows I did for Madge (err, well I did, those of you who didn’t know) one of them has gone out on Sirius Stars 102.

It was a special ‘Best of’ Show i did, the other is a cutdown special edition of the Ghey Euro Metal Show.

So anyone listening to Madge’s show on Sirius Stars 102 to confirm when I got played? If you can give more info that would be greatly appreciated – Madge is busy doing the European tour and doesn’t need my stalking, err pesterance.

Oh and pics, podcast and stuff to follow. Richard/Madge is a very cool person, great to see Mark again, and it could be the world’s first ever DinghyCast, at least the first one with added Bloat.

Tracklisting for the Best of ShowI might post it towards the Summer’s end, but if you listened to shows 64-75 you’d have heard these anyway: now posted online – link below!

Show X – Best of Show for Sirius; with extended pluggage!

  • Casbah Wonder – dunproofin (Show 75 – Clash special)
  • Crazy Times – team9 (Show 69 – Revolutionary 69 Dudes)
  • Steve Christ – Smacked up Dragula (Show 70 – UBER Special)
  • Judas Priest – Breaking the Law (Show 74 – Ghey EURO Metal Show)
  • Gangsta Fag – Run from the Faggots (Show 68 – Repeat until Gay Bumper edition)
  • JoolsMF – 1Ting! (Show 68 – Repeat until Gay Bumper edition)
  • rx dick is a killer (Show 64 – When I’m 64 I want an Anal Staircase)
  • Kleptones – Careless or the Dead (LP vers) (Show 72 – Kleptones interview)
  • Kinsey Sicks – I’ve Been Through Parasite (I’ve Never Had VD) (Show 73 – 7th Tim and Kirk show)
  • Ivor Cutler – Go on Jump! (Show 67 – Ivor Cutler)
  • Kleptones – Imagine it’s not the end of the world (Show 72 – Kleptones interview)
  • Earlybird – Dolly Parton vs Elvis (Show 69 – Revolutionary 69 Dudes)
  • Cry on your Console – I snapped the Casbah!!!

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