Interesting review of Radio Clash over at Podfly…

Been reviewed over at Podfly and got 9/10 and some very nice words about my and my podcast…


*looks at floor*

thanks! 😀

Interesting comments about doing it full-time (they are not the first to say that, I’ll deal with it if it ever happens but it’s not the reason I do the podcast to raise an ‘industry profile’ it’s because I want to share great music and unknown talents to a larger audience) and that I had been doing this show for years before – well I have been doing this show now for years, but no previous experience before that, bar messing around with tape recorders as a kid…which everyone does, doesn’t they?

P.S. reason for no iTunes feed is that they won’t let me into their directory, I signed up over a year ago and wasn’t allowed in. I either offend their copyright sensibilities or they don’t like the show. More fool them.

Relatio Clash

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  1. ghetto-fly
    March 20

    john peel reborn, nice one!

  2. March 20

    errm *scratches head*

    I wish…

    I’m honoured by that comment, but no-one can fill Peelie’s shoes, no-one.

  3. Paul
    March 24

    Sod ’em, do you want to belong to a list that would have you as a member anyway?

    Perhaps more Victor Lewis-Smith than Peel.


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