this podcast doesn’t exist…

…according to BBC Radio 1 today on podcasting; apparently podcasts are all spoken word and there are ‘not many’ music podcasts due to licensing issues, even from unsigned artists or record labels…and no mention of any other types of podcast either.

I know BBC Radio 1 isn’t known for it’s journalism but it could at least check before pronouncing factually wrong statements on air? There are loads of official and unofficial music podcasts out there; and they outnumber the spoken podcasts (or used to on PodcastAlley). Maybe it’s because they only have spoken word podcasts from the ‘talented’ likes of Chris Moyles that they said that?

Or the fact they want to keep their music industry pals sweet as they play another old tired Eminem or Kelis track way past it’s sell-by date?

I rant more about it here

Interestingly BBC Collective knew I existed; various other media knows I exist. But not according to the ‘quality’ journalists over at Radio 1…this is a mirage. Move along…

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