Radio Clash 65 – alt.alt.alt.rap show

Special show focusing on g33k r4p, comedy and UK rap and grime, alternative forms of rap/hiphop and hiphop/RnB inspired electro.

Click it check 1,2,3 (36Mb, 61mins)

  • Faith FX – Still Dre (from Radio 1 Xtra’s Urban Classic)
  • KANO – Nobody Wants To Dance Anymore
  • SOV – Hoodie (Spank Rock mix)
  • Smoosh – Rad
  • Gonzales – Futuristic Aint Shit to Me
  • arty fufkin – Give Losers a Chance
  • Stereo Total – Everybody in the Discotec (I Hate) (We Love Motor Mark mix)
  • virt – Star wars
  • MC Lars – Signing Emo
  • MC Hawking – Mighty Stephen Hawking
  • MC Pitman – Witness the Pitness
  • Boss Hoss – Hey Ya
  • 50 Pence – In Da Pub (looks like the songs are available on the unrelated 50 Pence site)
  • Hot Chip – Keep Falling
  • Smooth-E – Slow Jamz
  • Tor – rapshow (from Urban Classic)
  • Jew Da Maccabi – Iron Like a Lion In Zion


  1. Dave
    March 2

    Great show, Tim (as usual!). I know you’re always crying out for comments (I don’t like to call whatsit lines, so it’s comments like this for me), so I thought I’d help you out just a little. I’ve been listening to the show for a long time, and enjoyed it almost consistently (for a pretty inconsistent show – don’t mean that in a negative way; your style varies so hugely that it’s hard to pin down, and that’s a good thing!).
    I’ve enjoyed a lot of the mashups, the covers, and the other stuff immensely (and there’s some stuff I’ve just detested – but it’s worth listening to anyway).
    I would consider myself a fan of Radio Clash; one of the main reasons is that I like to think I ‘get’ a lot more of what you’re talking about than the average listener (although I live in South Carolina, I’m from the good old northwest of England – I only moved to the States about four or five years back; so I think I can see both sides!
    Anyway, enough of my boring ramble; love the show – keep it up!

  2. A-frickin-mazing. This was a great collection of stuff I’ve never heard before… like much of what I hear on your show anyway… but this blew me away.

    I will admit that one of the reasons I don’t listen to much rap other than the … all right, I’ll admit it… Beastie Boys, is because I don’t care for the bling and the hos and the Corvassier. Now, I’ve a whole new arena into which I can delve. Grime strikes me as more old-school style rap, laying down a nice bass beat and working over that. The MC Hawking piece was just hysterical, and the Radio 1 intermixture was … breathtaking… hard to believe that rap could be rap and beautiful all at the same time.

    I’ve been subscribed for a while… I can’t remember exactly how long… and will continue to be hear for more aural stimulation.

  3. Hi, Tim. Just wanted to pop in and tell you how much I enjoyed Radio Clash 65. Thanks for the shout-out and for dropping in the MC Hawking track. I know theme shows generally force you away from your mashup focus, but I think they are a noble diversion.

    MC Lars and Smoosh were both on my short list of music to check out, as was grime in general. Interestingly enough the Smooth E and 50 Pence tracks were my favorites. I don’t think I’ve ever laughed so much at a podcast as I did during the first verse of “In da Pub.”

    At any rate, consider me another satisfied customer anxiously awaiting next week’s show. Until then, I too will be in the pub.

  4. March 5

    thanks everyone! 😀

    I thought this would go down like the proverbial brick…;-)

  5. citizenpep
    March 6

    Thanks for the long-distance warm fuzzies. 🙂 I’m getting better day by day. That cursed gall bladder will never hurt me or any of you EVER AGAIN.

    Great show! Definitely a few things here that I’ll need to investigate further.

  6. March 7

    I have been meaning to leave a comment about this show as it has been my favorite so far!

    The last track is incredible and I even went back to have a look at the other performances that were done and that one was the best. But even without the visual, to hear that girl feel it the way she did – fantastic. I have to say,

    Oh yeah – I can’t t thank you enough for the shout out at the end! 🙂

  7. April 10

    Heard about your podcast via bicyclemark a couple weeks back and its just great. Had to comment on this particular one – my favourite so far. Keep em comin man 🙂

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