Radio Clash 60: eL3Ctr0n1c: 02

Sequel to Show 14, part of the Sequels Are So Disappointing Aren’t They? series, covering electronic music and mashups. Recorded in one take with minimal editing.

Click! Boom! Click! (38Mb, 65mins)


  • Boards of Canada – Peacock Tail
  • Pet Shop Boys – Red Letter Day
  • Devo – Through Being Cool
  • Dsico – Let’s Get Physical
  • Presets – Girl and the Sea (cutcopy mix)
  • Ochre – Bass Recorder
  • Bruce Haack – Program Me
  • Bazingo Gazingo My Robot Friend – You’re Out of the Computer (from Songs in the Key of Z)
  • John Baker – New Worlds
  • Strangely Yellow bit

  • moondabor – Yellow
  • Claude DeJean and Synthesizer – Big Yellow Taxi (from copy, right blog)
  • i cactus – yellow cactus (from 8bitpeoples label)
  • Devo – Faster
  • katamari damacy – WANDA
  • New Order – Ecstasy
  • c.o.m.c. – HAAhahaahhahalolLOLO//OMG miCkY!!!!11
  • c.h.a.o.s. productions – domo techno roboto
  • Frenchbloke – Alphabet Sparks
  • Delia Derbyshire – Time to go


  1. Jeb
    January 9

    “Red Letter Day” is just one of many Pet Shop Boys tracks that give me chills. I might have to do a “best PSB tracks you’ve never heard” episode (rare, live, non-singles or b-sides).

  2. Jeb
    January 9

    “HAAhahaahhahalolLOLO//OMG miCkY!!!!11″…OMG, that rocked!

  3. January 9


    Just wanted to say that this show got me through my journey home on the tube and train tonight. Electro can be very hit and miss for me but it was great to have something very very different to listen to and it was quality.

    I am thinking thanks is in order!!!

  4. January 11

    Only getting into Devo now, eh? Better late then never – I idolized them as a kid. Most of my friends did (my first band covered “Mongoloid”). Music was only part of the picture – see their films/videos, read interviews explaining their “de-evolution” concept, etc. Genius.

  5. January 11

    Devo weren’t as widespread as MTV suggested – remember when MTV launched most places in the UK couldn’t get cable, and satellite was just for advanced CB freaks. So Devo weren’t that big here. Not so I remember as a kid, I’d never heard of them til the 90’s. Kirk’s response about ‘did they have any other hits other than Whip It?’ is very telling, as he’s a more synth-pop freak than I am. Here Devo had a minor hit with ‘Whip It’ and nothing else as far as I remember.

    Adam Ant and Human League yes, Blondie, ABBA and Heaven 17, SoftCell, Nik kershaw, Bucks Fizz (embarassingly) Talking Heads, Modern Romance, Pet Shop Boys, Ultravox and Spandau Ballet – that’s what I remember listening to.

    But Devo was a mainly US phenomenon it seems…or came at a time when UK music was the big thing here; with the synth pop revolution? Whatever it was Devo didn’t enter my conciousness as a child, and I loved synth and new wave then as a I do now.

  6. Pirate Jess
    January 13

    Today I was riding the C train in New York home from work listening to your weekend music show. Reveling in it really.

    You see I used to live in London and the combination of your voice and music selection was reminding me of a good night at Ducky. And there were so many.

    And then you mentioned seeing Bazingo Gazingo there.

    and I had to laugh at the intimicy of it all.

    So I wanted to take this moment to thank you for your show and all the work you put into it.

    and also celebrate this breif moment where the internet and some good music are bringing people together again from far away places.

    thanks for bringing me a little bit of the world I left behind.

    Pirate Jess

  7. January 15

    Pirate Jess – glad you liked the show! Really gave me a good picture of where you listened; say hello to NY for me!

    Yes I used to goto Duckie a fair bit; I saw My Robot Friend there (not Bingo Gazingo) but certainly the London Reader’s Wifes are a great inspiration to what tunes I play; the only night that I felt really comfortable at, must go back soon…certainly the only place I know that can end on Wuthering Heights or Littles Hobo and have people braying for more!

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