Radio Clash 58?

Uno queso bocadillos por favor! err…Bon Dias well Notches from Barcelona!

Just a quick note that Radio Clash 58 Barcelona edition is done and ready but can´t find an internet place here that´ll let me upload it.

Part of it will be a little old if I don´t upload it before I get back (has a few Xmas-related songs) but that´s the way it goes – why put USB ports on these EasyInternet machines that won´t actually do anything and show a connected device? GAH!

Also I´ve got another show already and I need to edit but is mostly there…2006 will be slightly different for Radio Clash; yes I know change is ominous but been thinking of the direction of RC while I´m away. Less of a show and more, well you´ll see.

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