Radio Clash makes Entertainment Weekly

Thanks to my spies (well RadioQuita over at Strangely Familiar) I’ve just found out I’m in this weeks Entertainment Weekly listed #5 in their Radio article…anyone have a copy of this? I’ve not seen it, I’d love a copy sent to me or a scan of that article…it’s the October 21st issue.

My reaction? 1 word: WOW!

Hello Entertainment Weekly ppl…make yourself at home. I suggest you start on Show 49 as #50 is not exactly usually fare, being more of a celebration (well much alcohol was drunken while recording it, so we celebrated that way LOL and thus meant it got a little, well, chaotic, normal service resumed shortly)

And there could be some UK press coming up, my first…;-)

UPDATE: Thanks to Cindy, you can read the review here (or in the comments of this very site here). Tried to get a copy today and we’re still on the 7th October issue in the UK…


  1. Cindy
    October 24

    Here you go! Congrats! 🙂,6115,1119899_4_0_,00.html

    Radio Clash
    ACCESS Free stream
    WHAT’S HOT The mashups
    Hosted by Tim, a gracious English fellow, this podcast is a weekly collision of DJ-sanctioned mashups of artists you’ve heard (Britney Spears, New Order) and those you might not have realized you’ve heard (Aphex Twin, Galaxie 500). The results are sometimes wonderful and often strange, but always interesting. Tim also occasionally interviews artists, though the music is the main attraction.

  2. M
    October 26

    Congrats on the EW article. I wrote about a little thing about you and your show and put it on my blog with links to your site. You should check it out if you get a chance. Matt

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