Radio Clash 44: Canadada Maple Syrple Special

Live! Well sort of from the land of Tim Hortons, little red leaves and sticky substances. No not North Korea, but Canada…

Point your moose here.


  • Hello from Canada
  • Mary Lou Lord – Jump
  • Hello from a Viarail toilet
  • Morrissey – America is not the World
  • New Or(leans)deal and the American contradiction
  • blo_up – I want Plastic Stars
  • Talk with Greg about trains, planes and little dogs
  • c.o.m.c. – I snapped the Casbah
  • mcleazy – baby 1 7ove u (arab strap vs ronnettes)
  • Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa – Baby Hit Me One More Time (from


  1. Nilotic
    September 6

    I heart Mary Lou Lord. She’s also a huge Richard Thompson fan and has done a couple of RT covers. She also did a cover of Guided by Voices “Blimps Go 90” when I saw her last year. Unfortunately, she was loosing her voice so the show wasn’t that great.

  2. Michael
    September 7

    Also, very psyched that you featured the Mary Lou cover of “Jump”! I’m a huge fan, and believe it or not, this is the first time that I’ve heard that particular cover. I let the folks on the MLL list know, so perhaps some of them will subscribe to the podcast.

  3. Jonathan
    September 7

    Thanks for the MLL…Very nice podcast, I’ll come back for some more….


  4. johnytardy
    September 7

    damn man another not bad show..
    was happy when today i noticed iv got a new one..

  5. September 8

    Just wanted to send greetings to the farm…. enjoying the sounds of your rest and relaxation.

  6. September 9

    thanks all – especially Michael. Always welcome for anyone to post or tell other people about Radio Clash – makes it worthwhile and spreads the word 😀

    I’m not sure where I found the MLL cover, I think it was an official download from a website (rather than P2P) but many years ago – 2002 or 2003. I really like what she does with it.

  7. Paul
    September 11

    Yes, your comments about New Orleans resonate with me, but cause difficult moments with my American friends, similar to when I talk to my Aussie friends about the appalling plight of the Aboriginies.

    There does seem to be a pecking order for misery, and 911 gets extreme attention whilst the bodies continue to float in New Orleans. I remember the crazed hunt for the dead through the rubble of the WTC.

    I am guilty too of this contradictory reflex too, but the ‘foreigner’ has never been in my own country in the way that they are in Australia or America.

    Great podcast, touch of Hit Tin Roof, cue the insects.

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