Radio Clash 43: Pirates Ahoy!

EDIT: Slightly more polished v2. show now up. Please re-download cos ‘you’re worth it’.

Apologies for the long show, I have a lot to cram in before my holidays (fnar!).

Interviews from Pilchard’s Pirate do on a boat at Reading 2005, loads of mashups, and my Pirate mix and some thoughts about gay commodities. Shiver me timbers, there is pictures on my piratical photoblog of the event. Pieces of eight!

Walk the Plank me hearties (40Mb, 69mins)


  • Whoevermen – David Gedge’s Cock
  • bittersoundfoundation – we will ska you
  • Pirates of Pilchard interview – Superdan / Jim from Pilchard / Lumpy
  • Pilchard – Clapstero
  • Second half of interview – Superdan DJs on various animals (muscats need not apply)
  • Pirate mix #1

  • Frankie McKay – drunken sailor
  • Byrd E. Bath & Guests – Naughty-Cal tale (from 365 project)
  • ccc – blue betty
  • alex h – Are You Ok Betty
  • Senor Coconut – smoke on the water
  • Apeboy (?) – Orinoco Flow vs Prodigy
  • RIAATricky Wipeout (this went down a storm)
  • cylob – What shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor
  • ccc – Say a little Sloop
  • Voicemails – Cathy/David
  • Antony & The Johnsons – Fistful of Love
  • twinkelboi / gay commodity
  • Betty Schroeder / Cindy Sheehan comments
  • team9 – Greenday Massacre (Greenday vs The Eagles and others)


  1. August 30

    Your link in the RSS is pointing to the wrong track. I got the Greenday mix through on my feed, and not the full rc_show file.

  2. James
    August 30

    Same here…

  3. August 30

    should be fixed now – thanks for letting me know.

    It was in an enclosur, and the first enclosure, but for some odd reason if there is more than one enclosures some podcasting clients download the last enclosure rather than the first.


  4. Alex
    August 31

    Hot damn that was a tight show. I LOVED that Pirate mix man, and am now madly trying to find that Prodigy vs. Enya track you played. Hot damn that thing is tight. Keep it up Tim!

    Oh, btw, loved the recent Noise 6 mix, looking forward to more 🙂

  5. johny To the T
    September 1

    awsome show.. i d like the interview bits.. the best and i as was leaving a friends flat i heard ccc’s blue betty
    song put a smile across my face… kick ass show.. cant wait for the next one.. oh and when i heard the banana splits at the start i was like wtf..

  6. Paul - SW11
    September 3

    Alex can use iTunes to edit out a slice of an mp3, as neat way to save those tunes he can’t find online. tbc now my top podcast as the others fall off the heap. This is is such a great podcast.

  7. DJHDD
    September 11

    Looks like you guys would have had fun – thanks for the pics – will listed to interview soon.

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