Radio Clash 40: Punk Isn’t Dead it Just Smells That Way

The PUNKA! edition with reports from a deep down and distorted Brighton Pride, a voicemail in my earworm, the noisy 6 mixes it up and London gets (re)Booted.

Get your laughing (g)ear around that


  • Miss Frenchie – Fuck ’em Boyo (from London Booted – available to pre-order here)
  • mcsleazy – Lost Souls in the Supermarket (from London Booted)
  • stevie mac – Hateful (from London Booted)
  • Brighton Pride phone interuptus
  • tbc: Punk is Playing at my House (excerpt from my Noise 3: Punk mix)

    • dsico – Too Drunk To Fuck (Dead Kennedys)
    • Joan Jett – Dont Give A Damn About My Bad Reputation
    • Wayne County & The Electric Chairs – Fuck off
    • Richard Hell – Love Comes In Spurts
    • The Ukrainians – Anarchy in the UK-raine
    • Manolo kabezabolo – God save the queen
    • Chumbawumba – God save the Queen
    • Whoever Men – Punk mash 4
  • Andrew and DJ Earworm voicemail
  • DJ HDD – You Dirty Rotten Punker (excerpt from his Noise 3: Punk mix, another one of the Noisy 6) including:
    • Leftfield – Open Up
    • Thriftshop XL – Antichrist
  • Bis – Love will tear us apart
  • Brighton Pride Post Coital
  • Smells Like Teen Spirit Cha Cha (other Teen Spirit covers available here)


  1. Andrew
    August 11

    NIce one, very diplomatically handled. It occurred to me after that it might be an awkward question. Seems as if podcasters are all slightly wary of AC, for obvious reasons. When do you cross over that divide and become mainstream/corporate though? Seems like putting four hour daily radio (urghhh) shows on Sirius would be pretty close to the mark. Good company for Stern, Limbaugh et al. Are they trying to convert people away from paying x dollars a month to Sirius or are they wishing to be paid by a corporation like Sirius? I know great podcasters like Madge are doing this, anyway they may reach a wider audience so maybe not all is bad.

  2. August 11

    Excellent show (tbc: Punk is Playing at my House)! It’s been too long since I heard some of those tracks! 🙂
    * smooches *

  3. Mowie
    August 11

    A good anarchy mix which I love (though it’s only 10 seconds long) is on Intro-Inspection (Full length), they’ve mixed Anarchy and Barbie Doll…. If only someone would make a full length tune out of it……….

    (Yeah I know it’s only the intro thats been mixed)

    Great show!


  4. August 11

    Great show Tim, I loved the opening tune! 🙂

    Meanwhile back at the farm, I put the helicopter show up for you (see comments under ‘housekeeping’)…

    You shouldn’t hesitate to give your opinion about AC just because he has friends who listen to your show. Being a friend doesn’t mean you automatically agree with everything your friend does…

  5. tim
    August 11

    thanks for all the nice comments! ;-D

    As regards Adam – I should have also also added that I’ve pretty much covered my attitude to him in previous shows and I dropped it, partly out of respect for Madge and Cindy and co., but also it was getting boring!

    So I’ve not been reticent in tacking it in the past – just I find Adam’s ego gets enough stroking and I don’t want to add to that as he seems to like publicity, good or bad. And to be frank, there’s been nothing to report about and it’s all been really quiet with Podshow and Sirius hasn’t set my world alight (or anyone outside the US!).

    Might talk about the Podshow/Odeo VC round tho, that’s quite important…

  6. August 11

    heh, $8.8 million isn’t anything to sneeze at, is it.

    As for respect for moi/co., it’s quite kind of you but not necessary. And yes, I know you’ve expressed your opinion in the past, which I think is why I was surprised you didn’t this time around. We definitely have our opinions too; and though we tend not to be _very_ specific, we don’t hesitate to express them in our podcasts.

  7. August 11

    well I actually thought most people would have been bored by it because I used to harp on so about Podshow…and I don’t want to slag Adam off just because in some circles it’s fashionable.

    Thanks for letting me know you’re not bothered; I was slightly reticent because of you and Earworm…and I did really enjoy his guesting on KASS. Shame DSC and what I’ve heard of Podshow isn’t as good as that, sadly he seems to have ‘cleaned up his act’ because of Podshow etc…thus for me making his show sound neutered and less interesting…but your KASS show reminded me what I liked about DSC before Podshow et al. It was a good show.

    And next time you bet I won’t walk on egg shells needlessly 😀

  8. Chris Good
    August 12

    Hi Tim,

    Great show.

    I think ‘Teen Spirit’ is either Richard Cheese or senor Coconut but I can’t find it by either of them.

    Keep up the good work.


  9. August 12

    Avast ye!

    Tis i, the master of the Noise boat. and nice one, tim, welcome aboard.

    Oh, and it’s NOISE—> 3

  10. August 13


    I’m a new listener and I totally loved the Punk show. The Ska version of Peaches was just brillant, I had a great laugh out of that one.

    Geo in Chicago, USA.

  11. August 14

    glad you all liked the show!

    And marty – good to see you on here – yes it’s Noise 3 and the Noisy 6, sorry!

  12. DJHDD
    August 17

    Here’s the full tracklisting

    Sex on 45 – The Ex Pistols
    The Alternative National Anthem – Hybrid Kids
    So Fucking What on the Streets of London – Anti Nowhere League
    This is the Sound of Solitary Confinment in the Suburbs – The Members\Dave Warner
    Stranded in the Land Down Under – The Saints
    99 Luft Ballons – Goldfinger
    Oh Bondage Orgasm Addict – X Ray Specs\Buzzcocks
    Leftfield vs Sex Pistols & Bill Grundy vs Goran Bregovic vs. Wendy O Williams – Nid & Sancy
    Antichrist [EOTMC mix] – Thriftshopxl
    Barmy Army on Speed – Exploited
    Sheltered Life – Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine

  13. Nilotic
    August 17

    Pictures of the “Navy Bear” please….

  14. Some guy in Albuquerque
    August 20

    I’ve probably listened to episode 40 about five times now. It is that good.

    Please, please keep us posted on London Booted availability. I unfortunately missed it when it was available for download, and I doubt Sony is going to pay U.S. radio stations to play it when the vinyl is released.

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