Radio Clash 39: Sohigh and on the Downlow

Tim and Kirk takes ages to get to Soho Pride; music is kept on the d-low; PodMasks and PodIndentities, and I ‘tone’ down the queer bits…not.

Please listen ‘ere (31Mb – 52:31)


  • Geoff Carpet – Happiness is such a Thrill (Jan Hammer vs Martin Solveig vs Michael Jackson vs Max Sedgeley)
  • GHP – Essex Doves (David Essex vs The Doves)
  • Antony & The Johnsons – Hope There’s Someone
  • Soho pride – Toto we’re not a Canvas Prog Rock Band Anymore
  • Soho pride – Billy Eliott S&M
  • Tomas Diablo Crucify the Verse (Antonio Carlos Jobim vs Sarah Vaughn vs Luke Vibert)
  • fourstones.netKill Yourself (Bill Hicks vs fourstones)
  • Soho pride – Busker Dhu / Run, Homosexuals!
  • Low – I started a Joke
  • Rufus Wainwright – Hallelujah

Relatio Clash


  1. crackity jones
    August 2


    Great show – been listening since Show #2 or something close to that.
    I miss your “classic boots” track postings…(how about GHP’s “Essex Doves”? He’s pulled it offline now!)
    Don’t really care if your podcast is “queer” or otherwise – keep up the great work and play whatever you want!

  2. Fin
    August 3

    The queer aspect of the podcast is a postive part of it’s identity – it wouldn’t be radio clash without a bit of soho.

    I was waiting to hear a kind of sound seeing tour – I don’t know if i wasn’t listening or not, but I didn’t hear much of the celebrations LOL.

    Thanks for another great show!

  3. Paul
    August 3

    I have listened to your show for some time, speaking as a hetero, I haven’t given it a thought about the gay aspect until you discussed that unpleasant email.

    So don’t worry about it, as you say, podcasting is about your identity being shared by kindred spirits.

    Love the show, vibe, your humour and everything about it. Be proud of what you have created here.

  4. August 4

    It’s all about personal choice.

    We are who we are. We talk about what we choose to discuss. Every listener has a choice: they can listen or not listen. If the listener does not like what they hear, they don’t have to return. The same holds true for blogging and what bloggers write. Readers will pipe up and register their two cents, but in the end the writer does not have to change what they wrote to appease the reader and the reader doesn’t have to continue reading that particular blog.

    As far as discussing bits about you: the human being, the person, the podcaster, talk about whatever you’re comfortable with. This is something I decided long ago when first writing on the Web in the early 90s; the highly personal information need not be shared, and that’s a conscious choice I made — how would I feel if what I wrote ended up in a newspaper. Same for podcasting. There are some things I’ll discuss but not others. It all boils down to personal choice.

  5. Mark L
    August 4

    My PC blew up recently and I was without it for ages. After I got over the horrible cold turkey, I got it back and resumed listening to your show. I’m working my way forward from show 34 (although I’m going to have to dig out show 31 and listen to that- sounds “brilliant”). So it’s good to be back.

    Listening to the show on the same day as the bombings in London, it was just brilliant to hear someone who had the right response to it, and straight away. And I’m a member of the SWP; I always cheer when someone mentions us and doesn’t immediately take the piss (Mark Thomas) or demean us as loony commies (everyone else).

    I’m missing listening to a few shows, so I’m not up on what the comments are about but I’ll weigh in with my opinion anyway :). You’re gay. You make the best music podcast in the world. Which one of these is most relevant when it comes to which podcast I choose to listen to? Your politics are great as well, which is another important thing. You seem like a decent guy and play fantastic music- “queer” podcast? I don’t care and I hope the rest of your listeners don’t either.

    And if you’re a Soulseek subscriber, hit me up with an email cos I’d love to share that massive collection of mashups you must have.

  6. August 4

    thanks all – that made me feel much better – as Cindy says it’s about personal choice and what you’re comfortable with – just I’ve (and some unfortunate people) have found my tolerance is much higher than other people’s – I can and do talk about anything; yes there is stuff I wouldn’t talk about on a podcast, but I can be very open – too open sometimes. So I thought I’d check.

    Mark L – well I used to have similar thoughts about the SWP because I had a bad experience with one of the activists at college – she did what I called then ‘cookie cutterism’ – she was a cookie cutter marxist who never really thought about it.

    But I met my partner who was heavily involved within the SWP back to when they were the International Socialists (John Lindsay? you or some older member might remember him) and got over that and saw them differently – through many heated political discussions! I respect the fact they get involved with protests and see it as a positive point, rather than a negative in this time of apathy. They actually do something, which is more than a lot of other political parties.

    So I have a lot of sympathies with the SWP, although I’m not a member, and am broadly old socialist with marxist leanings…and ignore Mark Thomas, he’s just a self-seeking publicity whore like Peter Tatchell and Michael Moore – but where the last 2 have their uses, political position fairly sorted and some very good points, Mark Thomas seems extremely selective about his politics. I.E. what’s fashionable this week…

  7. Seth
    August 5


    I couldn’t agree more with all of your comments about being yourself on your podcast.
    You make some brilliant points, and I personally don’t think your podcast comes off as
    exclusively gay. It is obviously more about your art, the mash-ups, and also you.

    FYI – I loveeeeeeeeee that Anthony and Johnsons track, been listening to him for several months now.

  8. Derek
    August 5

    Your show is one of the few podcasts that I listen to where I won’t delete the shows if they start to pile up. Don’t change a thing just to satisfy somebody else. If you decided to tone down the gaiety, then that’s a decision you should make on your own. Like MOST people who listen to your podcast, I realize that the show is about the personality and we should be happy with what you decide to share with us.

    Keep up the good work.

  9. Roger
    August 6


    The mash-ups are fun but some of the “normal” music you play is
    amazing – Prozac for Lovers “London Calling”, Low “I started a joke”
    to pick two. I really like having my eyes opened to this stuff. Podcasting
    has really started to renew my interest in musc.


  10. August 7

    I’m driving through the neverending forest fires here in portugal listening to this show.. and Im forever flattered to hear my name. I also dug the Antony and the J~s song.
    As a dedicated listener I have one request… please stop with that UK accent. honestly, its just too much, stop it.
    And stop being a kind human being, cause that’s too much for us listeners as well. And while you’re at it, stop with being funny… funny is bad.. boring is good.

  11. August 7


    weirdly my dad’s girlfriend immediately talked about the fires in Portugal – I was like I heard that first on Mark’s cast! I don’t do news so you are my journalist of choice!

    And yes – I’ll see what I can do on the accent, milks of human kindress and boring kick – maybe I could do an patagonian accent, be really nasal and really monotone? Or do you think that has been done? 😀

  12. Nilotic
    August 8

    The Rufus Wainright version of Hallelujah is pretty much a cover of Jeff Buckly’s version of Hallelujah. A cover of a cover of sorts. The Rufus version is good (and was used well in Shrek), but the Jeff Buckly version manytimes makes me cry cause it’s so beautiful.

  13. August 8

    I think actually John Cale’s cover was the first – this was used in the Shrek movie and predated both versions – from the 70’s or early 80’s? Rufus’s version was only on the soundtrack so I’d never heard it before.

    I never really got Nick Drake, Tim or Jeff Buckley. There’s sad beautiful melancholy, and there’s Belle-and-Sebastian-self-indulgent-depressive-whining for no reason and just makes me want to slap someone, preferably them.

    Oddly this Rufus or the A&theJ tracks don’t fall into that having some ‘redemption’ and hope in them, but B&S and the suicidal singer-songwriter archetype generally makes me wonder if they had anything to be really depressed about.

    There are exceptions that prove the rule – like Elliott Smith; but he was a master tunesmith too; and didn’t have a privileged background like them either.

  14. Nilotic
    August 8

    Ahhhhhhh…that fills in alot of blanks…especially the version differences in Shrek.

    Oh…do you have the Low tribute album yet?

  15. martin mcleod
    August 10

    I’m just a hairy-arsed welder, but love the music in your podcast, specially the David Essex number. Don’t change for some prat who makes comments like the one you tell of. 🙂

  16. August 12

    Tim, I just sent you a voicemail about this show because you said you love feedback and it’s even cooler to get audio.

    I loved this podcast. Every single track you played and what you said too. I like Radio Clash in general, but I felt a compelling need to get every track you played on this show. The only one that I just can’t get is Low’s cover of I Started a Joke because it’s only on their $30 box set, so that will have to wait until my birthday or Christmas or something. I found out that James Galway did a cover of that song too. Weird. I mean it’s pretty and all, it’s just very much like elevator music. And the cover of Hallelujah is what got me into Rufus Wainwright a few years ago, so it’s always nice to hear an old favorite.

    And about assholes who think you’re “too gay:” I agree with bicyclemark. Forget the gay part, you’re too British for my tender American sensibilities. Can you tone that down a bit? Also tone down the fact that your a man and a human being. Geez. In fact, Tim, just stop talking.

    Seriously, though, be yourself. If people don’t like it they can stop listening.

    (from Laramie, WY, USA)

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