1. great show. a few comments on your photos…

    you never said whether it was a digital camera. If it was then there are a number of things you could do.

    (1) Using the EXIF data, embed your email address into the comments. As far as I am aware, this EXIF information is embedded into the image, and can not be removed.

    (2) If it is digital, then you can ‘watermark’ it with your website address. this is very difficult to remove.

    With (2),keep the unedited originals, that way if you decide to sell any images, you can print the ‘clean’ version, but the marked version is available on the net for all to see.

    As with most copyright things (including Creative Commons) it will only prevent the honest people from copying your images. Those who ignore (c) and alos (cc) will not change in any way.

  2. Fintan
    July 24

    Greeeet show. I liked how your location seemed very random thought (“now I’m on a hill….”)

  3. July 24

    well I was lost 😀

  4. October 5

    Sounds like Christina is turning into a bit of a snob with her latest demands on her dressing room setups. She used to be so sweet! I miss the Britney days!!

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