Radio Clash top 5 coolest according to SPIN magazine!

SPIN article - click here!In happier news (well for me anyway) I’ve been featured in July’s edition of SPIN magazine as one of their top 5 coolest podcasts!

Click on the image to the left for the full article. Yes I’m called Tim (no quotes needed! Not a very good pseudonym if I needed one..) and if you want to check out the magazine for yourself it’s on page 30 in the July issue. And you can still get Show 25 of Radio Clash here (in fact all archives are still available to around Show 13 or 14)

They said:

English host “Tim” focuses on mash-ups, from metal mixes of M.I.A. to crafty combo of the Killers and the Clash. Check out podcast number 25 for the “FUCC Mix,” a set loaded with radio-unfriendly f-bombs

Thanks SPIN!


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  2. July 11

    WOW… you’re in spin! thats umm.. the big time. Now youre going to launch a world tour and get heavy into coke. isnt that exciting!

  3. July 12

    That’s awesome! Just don’t forget all us little people, Mr Rock Star. (See, now you HAVE to move out here to LA)

  4. July 12

    Congratulations and well-deserved Tim!

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