Radio Clash Show 33: Midsummer Madness with Tim and Kirk

Mostly talk and less music but musho madness and silliness…I’m sure you’ll take a lichen to us tho.

Rated ‘R’ for Ridiculous , Rambunctious and Really Ripe.

Click here to listen (37Mb, 63:37)


  • DJ ZebraProcessed Ring
  • Touche Douche
  • Pre Dr Who Warm Up
  • Gibson Brothers – Cuba
  • Breakfast of Champignons
  • Freelance Hairdresser – good morning judge melville
  • We’re fun guys to be with, no truffle really.
  • My Life Story – Strumpet
  • LOOTed Music Awards
  • Garage Piss Take
  • Spam CrittersSecret Shameful Songs:
  • Rah Band (aka Alison Goldflaps) – The Crunch
  • Wham – Young Guns
  • So long and Sci fi for all the Fish
  • Bill Bailey – Oppressive Chip Shop Regime


  1. This is yet another great show… Where can I get hold of that Dr. Who mashup you used as bed music for the pre-Dr. Who Warm up?

  2. June 30

    Damnit I’ve had the Rah Band stuck in my head ALL DAY!

  3. July 2

    Great show – I particularly liked the bit about the curtains!

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