Radio Clash 32: Beach Clash Mash Bash!

Back in Black with a Bountiful Bouncy Beach Clash Mash Bash, oh yeah!

repeat after me “Bub and Bob our Brave Brontosauruses….”

No? Ok well just listen to this (32Mb, 54:49)


  1. June 14

    Oh my god I’m now TWO clashes behind! I think I’m going to go for a walk deliberately… 😀

  2. June 14

    Well they’re twins, this is the good twin and be warned the other Clash is the EVIL twin…:-D

    Maybe just alternate them? Or play them L-R in your headphones simultaneously? 😉

  3. June 15

    Ohh I don’t know about that! My head might explode or something… 😀

  4. Jason Salas' WebLog
    June 20

    Digital Pontification: Podcast Show Notes – June 20

  5. James
    June 26

    That DJ Phrenzy mix is fantastic, thanks for playing it…

  6. Phrenzy
    December 22

    Hahaha…hey that’s me. 😀

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