Radio Clash makes the Now Playing magazine cover story

I was interviewed by Mike Whybark earlier in the year for Now Playing, a new national magazine in the States for a cover story about ‘digital music revolution’. The interview was about Radio Clash, mashups and mashup blogs – and I’ve heard it’s out now – with my picture (eek! – courtesy of Paige Baird – thanks :-D)

I’ve not seen it yet but my spies in the States ( thank you 231) have so I can talk about it as I now know it exists.

Go check it out – looks like a cool magazine too – still waiting for my copy! Can’t wait…



  1. Fin
    June 9


  2. June 15

    I’ll send a PDF forthwith.

  3. June 15

    ooh I’ve now seen it – it’s very cool. Those in the US go have a look, it’s a really good researched article on mashups – one of the best I’ve seen – usually they miss someone out but they start with ECC and go forward. V. cool.

    (And no I personally can’t post it online – maybe someday 😉

  4. June 16

    thanks for the kind words, Tim!

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