SmallWORLD interview part deux now up!

Usually sequels suck, but I assure you this is the exception that proves the rule!…;-)

After part one (which I enjoyed – thank you BazookaJoe, you made me sound like a human that can do interviews, not the gibbering wreck I usually am!) smallWORLD has just put up #102 (dang! just missed the 100th!) which is part two of the interview – well it’s the informal discussion we had at the end of the first interview (which flowed a lot better I thought…always the way, the off-record stuff, the end of the show or the second take works better…)

Now you’re all really sick of my voice now, I guess?

Yes I want to dominate all media channels, mwuahahahahaHAHA…

You can download my mashups played in this cast here:

Anyway, don’t be a linkleech, go and check out his site and subscribe to his feed – I mean 102 interviews is nothing to sniff at! Wow…

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  1. I predict soon you’ll buy out Clear Channel… a milestone on your way to dominating the worlds media. And I can say I knew you when…

  2. June 6

    Hi. You know, maybe I’m just being an idiot, but I can’t for the life of me figure out how to download the mp3 of your cast. You’re up next for review, but I can’t find the audio to listen to! email me some help please.

    The thing is, I don’t use Ipodder or an equivalent. I just go to the page and click the “download this show” link. Because I want to look at the page anyways. But you don’t have any “download the show” links! You should really include one for each cast, because I suspect that there are a lot of people like me who rely on those.



  3. June 6

    umm I do always include a direct link under each of the podcasts, a link that says helpfully ‘Please listen here’.

    I just haven’t done one for 8 days so other posts – if you click on categories/Podasts or here:

    You’ll see the links underneath each one.

    The easiest way to listen tho is to subscribe – hence the big ‘subscribe’ button at the top – I’m surprised you’re reviewing podcasts and don’t use any podcatching clients?

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