Radio Clash 27: Pump up the Pod

A Pump up the Volume inspired cast – loads of tunes, less talking (no PodS***) but vive la revolution, brothers and sisters!

Listen here (33Mb, 55:44)


  1. niloticbear
    May 17

    No problem.

    That is so weird that you played ECC – Rocked by Rape. I just transfered my MP3s from a few years ago to my IPod and I was just listening to that earlier today.

  2. Fin
    May 17

    Another very enjoyable show! I’m hooked on the Bollywood stuff from last week 😀

  3. Im only five minutes in and Im lovin lovin. The FCC stuff…. classic. That film should be watched by all podcasters so that maybe we might understand just what it is we’ve got on our hands right now.
    Excellent my friend.

  4. May 18

    thanks glad you enjoyed it – I think this is one of my best shows I’ve done, but it depends if you like chatty ranty Tim or shut-up-and-play-the-music tim….no I’m not got Multiple Personality Disorder altho it feels like that sometimes!

    Mark – I feel the message at the end – despite the fluffy ‘earth is burning’ bit which I cut out – is really pertinent….kids and everybody can ‘Seize the Air’ by podcasting now, or other means. Pirate radio has come of age – quite a few pirates seem to be webcasting now also, interestingly.

    Thing is with distributive casting – there are experiments out there that fuse bittorrent’s approach with webcasting apparently, like Multicast, it means that eventually you’ll be able to do live casts with no or little bandwidth, and everyone becomes a ‘transmitter’ and broadcaster at the same time – ie. people download the live cast off the nearest person and not you and so it daisy-chains…thing is, that’s impossible like bittorrent to regulate, as with true P2P. So I doubt anyone can regulate like the FCC with the way the technology is going – but it’s good to remind people that the early tv and radio people lost control, and we don’t want to go that way…

    And Bollywood KICKS ASS! I’ve rented Lagaan and going to watch that….I wonder where I can rent more Bollywood DVDs?

  5. Fin
    May 21

    Well I’ve just been searching, found the movie with San Sanana in and it’s avaliable for £5 DVD + Free P+P.


    Devdas looks a little more expensive, so I might try to rent that one. Brilliant song, though. Silsila Yeh Chaahat Ka is one of my favourites at the mo, great drums.

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