Radio Clash 25: Radio Mashup Special bunch o’ 5’s edition

OK I’m not a numerologist, but this has me spooked – my 25th show finished on 05/05/05…:-0

To celebrate is an anarchic long-form mix bunch o’ fives Mashup Radio Special, mashing up Radio, Podshow and podcasting, with loads of great radio-related mashups, covers and spoken word and cutup strangeness, most mixed or cutup by me. And a lot of jingles and an 8 year old…*cough*

Oh and as you might have guessed, as with most RC shows, the FUCC mix is SERIOUSLY not work safe 😉

Listen here (36Mb, 62:16)

  • Negativland – Announcement / People Like Us
  • The Clash – This is Radio Clash
  • Mini Pops – Video Killed the Radio Star
  • Radio star ooh la la
  • CBC Radio – Hip to be a Podcaster (via Geek Love) / Victor Lewis-Smith Pop sketch
  • Disidencia – Capital Radio
  • Elvis Costello – Radio Radio
  • DSC OpenPodcast spoof # / Paris Hilton’s a Rich Valley Girl
  • Podshow rants inc Bicycle Mark – show 30

FUCC mix

  • Eric Idle – FCC song
  • Jack Wagner – Uses of The Word Fuck
  • Madonna – Now I’m Following You (II)
  • mwude – Fuck Around the Clock
  • NWA – Straight Outta Compton (ni9e explicit content only edit)
  • Freelance Hellraiser – Uncle Fucker Up
  • Braces Tower – The Fucking Moon
  • Negativland U2 – Radio Edit
  • Rick Emerson – FCC Kitten
  • America Fuck Yeah
  • DJ Zebra – C’mon Fuck Me
  • Pixies – You fuckin die
  • PPM – All We Need is Radio Khia
  • Beerling Jingles vs Negativland – Truth in Advertising and Bob (Subgenius Radio 902)
  • Richard Cheese – Guerilla Radio
  • Peeled bit – GLC intro / Peel jingle circa 1986
  • Low– Transmission


  1. Love your show. Mash Ups are where it’s at. I’d love to put your podcast on my site, would you be willing to do the same?


  2. Mart
    May 6

    Liked your show a lot. I think you should have gone for the Gil-Scott rip-off ;-). He really had a couple of good points.

    I look forward to some new music history lessons. Loved the Kraut Rock bit.

    Thanks a lot,


  3. You rebel! You’re going to set the podcasting world a-blaze with this kind of talk! But don’t worry… it’s not to late… lay down your values… get in line.. you’ll get pie in the sky if you just follow… FOLLOW… OBEY THE PODGODS.

    Ok.. obviously Im talking jibirrish…. umm.. terrific show.. especially Team America, Monty Python.. and well.. the whole thing.

  4. mwude
    May 7

    Hello there

    Was just googling my name (like the egotistical prick that I am) and came across this & the FUCC mix. Marvellous!

    By the way the ‘Uses of the word fuck’ is actually by a guy named Jack Wagner who mainly did voice work for Disney. It’s been variously attributed to Carlin, Monty Python and even Adam Sandler but I have it on good authority that Wagner is your man.

    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  5. May 7

    thanks all! *blush*…proudest moment was getting the first comment only 20 minutes after my post – thanks Mitch…

    To reply to Mitch’s question – in what way do you mean ‘on the site’? Happy for people to link to Radio Clash or use bits in their shows with credit and a link back…but I only link to podcasts I regularly listen to and recommend in my ‘Pod Squid’ or that I think might be of interest to listeners/visitors..

    I can take a listen to your cast and let you know?

  6. May 13

    Great Show! Congrats on your 25th!!! Keep em coming!

  7. October 15

    It seems there are a lot of people that don’t like Sandler these days. I like most of his films. Haven’t seen Click yet but I am looking forward to it.

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