Radio Clash 21: Coming of Age Edition inc DJNoNo exclusive and Beatles minimix

Show 21 including a DJ NoNo exclusive boot, a Beatles minimix and Why Don’t You.

Quite a few bootlegs unavailable there – so watch Classic Boots over the next week or so and they might just turn up 😉

Click there to listen to Show 21 (30mb)

I Don’t Believe in Beatles mix:

  • Negativland – Helter Stupid
  • Residents – Valley of the day in the Life
  • Little Big Horns – Come Back
  • Cheekyboys – Baby Got Silly Love Songs
  • GHP – Beautiful Outkast Band
  • Mountain Con – Variations on Outkast, The White Stripes, and John Lennon (you can hear/get this track by going to the Strangely Familiar website and clicking on Listen > March exclusives )
  • Sean Connery – In My Life
  • News – Bastard 76
  • DJ NoNo – Stripper Jackson (Exclusive!)
  • Partyben – Hey Metro
  • DJ Prince – Hey We Will Rock Ya
  • Langley Schools Music project – In My Room

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  1. April 8

    I have to say this was one of the best shows I have ever heard. It made a sunny day even more enjoyable… I especially like the Beautiful Outkast Band. Although, I am bloody late in listening to it! Ah well that’s the whole point right?!

  2. April 8

    thanks! I must say your comment about Show 10 and the beatles mix was the reason I did another one – believe me there’s enough good boots for another.

    But why Beatles? I never had great success with the Beatles…but dunno why them particularly…? Maybe it’s those old stereo multichannel recordings, bring out the wannabe masher in people…

  3. April 8

    P.S, then you’ll really like show 22 – it’s MILES better than this, I thought this was a good show, loads of planning, mix works, shit delivery. The mix and presentation in 22 pisses all over this 😉

  4. April 10

    “Stripper Jackson.” Gets better every time. Love every second. N0N0 g0t da sk11Lz, boi!

  5. The Market West Journal
    April 16

    Podcast: Radio Clash

    After playing around with Podcasting for a few days, and listening to loads of them, I am pleased to say I think I’ve found the best one!

    Radio Clash is a fantastic podcast filled to the brink with mashes, mixes and generally fine audio. They even …

  6. February 22

    Terrific Blog you have. Peace Out.

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