Radio Clash 20: Easter Extravaganja with Kirk and Tim

Episode sponsored by Michael Jackson’s Jesus Juice (only 5.99 available on Amazon! EDIT: Actually scarily enough a non-alcoholic form there exists! Check out the scary-fan death threats…)

Please click here to listen (56:05, 33Mb)

And brought to you by far to much editing, the phrase “Are we recording?” and outside boredcats from Hyde Park. Warning, high stupidity content, low mashup content…

  • Osibisa – Sunshine Day
  • New Order hatchet job from 2009*
  • Placebo – Daddy Cool
  • Hitchhikers trailer review
  • Jonathan Richman & The Modern Lovers – Egyptian Reggae
  • Fallen Heroes *
  • Futureheads – Decent days and nights
  • XMundane *
  • It’s Immaterial – Driving Away From Home
  • Bands and Jokes You Just Don’t Get *
  • Partyben – Somebody Kill Me (from SIXXMIXX76)
  • Going Underground *
  • Cassetteboy – Phil Collins’ Cock

* O.B.E. Outcast Bodyside

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