Radio Clash 19: Wacko BushWhacked No Wax edition

Hmm, I got the blues and seem rather ranty. Thankfully some loud and good music makes me feel better, who needs therapy when you have podcasting? 😉

As usual – artist name – link to artist site, and song title links to song (if available)

Download here

  • Doves – Black and White town
  • RX – Dick is a Killer (off Bushwhacked)
  • Black Lung – Come to Daddy (Say Hello To Allah) (ditto)
  • ID3 tags – Ross from Mashup
  • Mutant Miscreation – Rolf’s Secret

Michael Jackson: Free Willy mix



  1. Matt Morelli
    March 15

    Have been listening for a few shows now and this one was the best one yet. I’ve found myself skipping through some of the tunes beforehand, but this show I listened to all the way through. Especially enjoyed the Rolf Harris tune. Made me cry with laughter.

    Thanks for the entertainment and hope you’re feeling better soon mate!!

  2. March 16

    Saudade man… nice portuguese reference. It is, in fact, a mix of depression, sadness, longing, missing someone or a time period, etc etc, A snowball of self-pity. But hey… it is good.. and look at all the music it produces. And now a podcast. You’ll become the first FADO podcast ever at this rate.

  3. Cindy
    March 16

    Thanks for yet another terrific show! I can easily relate to pod fatique (great term, btw.) As you said, even though there are terrific podcasts out there that you want to listen to, it has become overwhelming to keep up when those shows are coming out daily or a few times per week.

  4. Seth
    March 17

    Jessica gives you a RAVE review on WHYME 10.
    If she loves you anymore she might fly across the pond and remarry.
    KIDDING! At least I hope so…

    Keep up the great work.


  5. tim
    March 18

    thanks all! not worthy! not worthy!

    Marriage proposals, linguisitics, fado and psychology – what more can you want?

    Although anyone wishing to marry me would have to fight my partner John first 😛
    Well actually I’d fully expect he’d swap me for a nice book and some peace 😉 Wouldn’t have it any other way…

  6. Seth
    March 18


    by coincidence or not Jessica would probably trade me for a nice book and some peace as well. 😉

    keep rocking in the free world.


  7. March 18

    Brilliant show Tim! The music was absolutely addictive I loved the bits of the Doves sprinkled in. I totally agree with your pod fatigue, I too have unsubscribed from most of my dailies (other than Daily Source Code) because I just don’t listen to them… eventually the daily shows just wear you out as a listener. Too much of a good thing as the saying goes. Your show, however, is still a real treat and one that I look forward to seeing pop up on my iPod. Can’t wait to hear the next one, whenever that may be…

  8. March 18

    Oh, and thanks for the help with my comments. It feels much better knowing that all my doors are closed. Cheers.

  9. […] Those will remember Scott Fletcher of Podshow coming up with the word ‘Podfade’ when he stopped doing his previous podcasts, including the great-but-too-short MT Conversations. Interestingly PodCheck until this week seemed to have also podfaded – thing is, like Ross’s comment from the latest show is podcasting is very time-consuming – some people have stopped, some like Ross from Mashup Podcast or Scott from Podcheck seem to be doing them when they can. At the time (nearly a year ago) I talked the in reponse as my experience about my experience as a listener – PodFatigue, you can get fatigued or overwhelmed listening to many long or many short shows…what I don’t understand about the response piece on 43 Folders is that the consensus seems to be to shorten your show. […]

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