Radio Clash 17: Like, Totally Random

Show 17 – Totally Random show introducing DJ iPod, Charles and some stupid fo’ on the mike. Given the comments here about formats I thought I’d give this one a shake…err…

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  1. Olala
    March 4

    Thanks for another great show!

    As for Adam mentioning Eve on his show, she would have to line his pockets, give him some gadgets (how many times has he done a product placement for the “IRIVER”?) on a show that is too narcissistic to be any fun at all.
    Don´t feed the wolves.


  2. March 4

    Me and Charles had previously made a secret agreement: Play a clip from my show.

  3. March 4

    Aha mark I knew it when it started to cycle through (pun intended, sadly) all your shows on constant repeat…!

    It’s odd I didn’t notice til later that it played 2 versions of Mama Said and the order is pretty much as recorded; talking about Smash Up Derby and then it plays it…I think Charles the iPod is psychic!

    I took out a couple of songs for space reasons but otherwise it’s as recorded. Spook!

    And thanks Olala – I like Adam’s show and still listen, but there’s something funny going on with who get mentioned, who’s ‘in’ and who gets the submissions played, and the commercial tie-ins.

    On one level he’s very open about it, on others he’s not. He should be more fair otherwise people will stop sending him content like I have…altho from the quality of the DJ Wig boot I’d need not worry (DJ Wig has done some ok or good boots, not good enough for Charles as yet, but that’s not one of them).

  4. March 5

    Hey, mad show, downloaded after hearing a mix on Tracks up the tree, and now i’m subscribed to ya, btw, eternal sunshine did win an oscar, for scriptwriting or best original screenplay or something. anyway, ill shut up now, keep up the good work what ho

    [My Silver Mount Zion]

  5. March 5

    thanks Rob – yeah afterwards I found out that it had won best screenplay but still – Bad Education didn’t get nominated at all, and Eternal only got 2 nominations and won one…not exactly a great presence is it? 🙁

  6. Mic
    March 7


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