Radio Clash 16: Dubwise Janet

Download here

  • DJ Earworm – Headlong Down a Dark Hole (off Re-Design of a Decade remix LP)

Dub be Riddim to Me mix


  • Workeshoppe Radio Phonik – Fool Me Once
  • Andrew Herring -Nasty Subway (off Re-Design of a Decade remix LP)
  • dj scenius – When I Think of Your Rope Burn (off Re-Design of a Decade remix LP)
  • Itsumo Nando-Demo (Always With Me) – Youmi Kimura/Wakako Kaku (from Spirited Away)


  1. February 28

    Excellent show…. I was groovin my way through work.. which is a good thing, though perhaps odd to watch. Oh and i appreciate you appreciating me appreciating you.

  2. February 28

    thanks glad you liked the show.

    And I appreciate you appreciating me appreciating….hang on my head hurts! 😉

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