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Here’s a question: (what? he expect interaction from us? who does he think he IS? I will fight for my right to be a passive viewer, agressively and actively til death. Or the next commercial break, whichever somes sooner.)

Should the shows be shorter? They’ve been hovering around the 50min mark for a while now and that’s with editing 🙁 Reason I’m asking is that I saw a comment on Bicycle Mark’s blog saying my electronic show was “long ass” (fair comment :-D) but do you all think that?

Would RC in smaller, more manageable yet meatier crumblier chunks be better? The only reason I haven’t is that I have SO much music to play and can never decide which to lose; and it always seems by the 30 min mark is when I’m hitting my stride – I hate it when you hear a show and hear a few songs and then it stops…but I suppose it leaves you wanting more?

Also wondering whether History of Mashups should be another show on the Radio Clash feed – yes you guessed it the delay for RC16 (which is in the can since earlier this week) is that I haven’t recorded the History bit yet.

So what do y’all think?


  1. crackity jones
    February 25


    I find the 45-50 min. show to be about right. 30 is too short – and I am dying to hear all of the tracks that you have cued-up and ready to play!

    Also, we are slowly getting into the mash-up scene in the states. A local club here (in Wash, DC) hosts an I-Pod night where people can play what they want if they sign-up for a 12-minutes “DJ” slot. A lot of folks are playing mash-ups and boots – some even mixing their own just to bring along. Most of it is not so good (too many people trying to be worse than the DJ before – i.e. too much Clay Aiken!), but I did hear a few really good mixes the other evening…

    There was just an article on this in the Washington Post today ( and a more general mash-up article in a recent New Yorker magazine

    Keep up the good work!

  2. Cindy
    February 25

    Hi Tim,

    I thought I’d listen to a few of your shows before responding. At first I thought, hell yeah, 45-50 is long, but based on your content I’d say no, it’s fine. The podcast I do (The Ken and Squip Show – thanks for the link, btw) with my friend Ken has been reduced in length — at least we’re trying to get them down to 35 minutes. It’s difficult to slice and dice, and the only suggestion I’d make to you is to have your History of Mashups as a separate feature and file.

    Loved your podcast and I’ll return for more!

    Cindy (aka ‘squip’)
    The Ken and Squip Show

  3. February 25

    it’s all about the content & youve got 50 minutes of solid content. i vote you stay the course.

  4. February 25

    Hey Tim, I think I’m in agreement that 50 minutes is not too long for your show given the great content. I suggest not cutting it short simply for time’s sake. My wife Kris and I have been doing a podcast over dinner and we too find that it sometimes takes 30 minutes to hit our stride. Its nice to at least ride that for another 10 or 15 mintues as opposed to it just getting good and then being over. We’ve also found that 40-50 minutes is the sweet spot where we feel like we havn’t gone too long and yet got our groove on. Maybe with practice that could happen sooner, but for now it seems to be the sweet spot.

    Also I love your show and would hate to have you cut it short. It works great for my door-to-door commute, but I also find myself listening during the day from work. Good stuff. Keep it up.

    Say Yum podcast

  5. Olala
    February 26

    The show is great as it is, if the History of Mashups is holding you back I agree with the “separate feature”-thingy.


  6. Jarah
    February 26

    Don’t go changing … great as it is. I would only cut it shorter if you are finding it hard to get material, and by the sounds of it this isn’t something you are finding difficult.

    I suppose the trouble with doing themed shows such as the Electronic, Lurve or Nirvanna ones is that without the variation if you don’t like what your playing in that particualr theme you are going to be disappointed for 50 mins. Having said this I loved both shows particually the Nirvanna one. Not sure who this Bycle Mark is, but he sounds like he is a minority! Overall I’m incredibly impressed you manage to produce a weekly show that is so consistenly good.

    Is there any chance that you could host more to the music that you play? One of the things I’ve found difficult is finding some of the tracks that you play. Some of the links in the Show Notes only point to the Dj’s site. Took me ages to find the Nirvanna ones … is there anywhere I’m missing to find things more easily?

  7. February 26

    Wow thanks for all the great feedback! Glad you all liked the shows!

    OK from tonight History of Mashup will be released as a seperate show, to keep the length down and also means I can play the end-track in full, which is cool as I hated fading that…

    As regards posting the tunes I’m a bit wary of doing that for every show, because of bandwidth and legal issues – and usually DJs and remixers are happy to point you or sometimes send you their tunes, even if they are not up on the site.

    That said I’m planning to put some of the older hard-to-find tunes in the Classic Boots section , each up for a week (avoiding possible bandwidth/legal issues, a bit like a mp3-blog does) so watch out for those. I’ll definitely include some played classics as well as ones I haven’t played yet.

    So if you have a requested mashup let me know and I’ll probably add it to that if it’s an oldie-but-goodie.

    Other places you can look to find bootlegs generally is post a request on the bootleg boards that I list on the homepage (Mutant, Majick, Bootypop, BnR etc.); or try P2P software like Soulseek or Kazaa to search for them. Yes it’s legally dodgy so it depends if you’re comfortable with that.

    A lot of bootleggers are on Soulseek so you might be downloading from the person who made it (be nice!) but it means a lot of gems are on there.#

    Oh and this wasn’t a did at Bicycle Mark btw – it was something I was already sensitive of, and I’m glad he sort-of mentioned it on his blog…


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