Radio Clash 10

This has been a bit of a nightmare to do, and turned out waaaaay longer (59 minutes) than expected – some last minute tracks and unexpected technical hassles!

oh well, hope you enjoy!


Download from the archive here

  • Futureheads – Hounds of Love (off The Futureheads)
  • Detboyear – Whip It Lover

Smells Like Bootleg Spirit:

Shout out:

History of Mashups vol 3: Stockhausen

  • Gesang Der Juenglinge (excerpt)
  • Kontakte (excerpt)
  • Stimmung (excerpt)
  • Hymnen (Region 3 excerpt)


  1. Mowie
    January 28

    Truly excellent, it gets better every time I listen to it! Great format to your shows too! Love it.

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