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November 2 /

Just found this documentary about Vivian Stanshall from 2013 with Ki Longfellow (his second wife) and Neil Innes – it’s an excellent listen, includes a rare home demo from Ki’s archive about Seedy the bird.

August 5 /

Ooh look what just popped up on my computer (thank you Get iPlayer and PVR, yes Stanshall and Radiophonic search terms are always on scan), the BBC are replaying 3 episodes of what I presume the only high-quality versions they…

March 26 /
March 22 /

https://youtu.be/1Ee4bfu_t3c Sometimes new music is like a splinter, you know you shouldn’t play with it, but in a grotesque fashion you do, transfixed by the mortality. The same could be said for Future Islands – that strange performance doing the…