Mutant Pop volume 3 – 2003 Eve of Mashtruction?

Well by the looks of the cover (which took me the longest of the series, and is the shittest, thus proving that maxim – I did model the 3D myself though) I was going for a B-movie vibe, which if Zombie Kylie and Vampire Pink are anything to go by it could be true, although the undead hordes of Missy and Eminem bootlegs seem to have mostly stampeded past apart from the inclusion of the 2001 classic Fondue Meltdown bootleg, a staple of my sets since that time also and predictably the backlash Missy and Eminem spoofs. This was The Rise of the Silly Bootlegs with the likes of Freelance Hairdresser being the first spoof mashup superstar, and might have inspired a certain DJ NoNo *cough* to continue their extremely silly work. Oh and the Clash mashup obsession started here…

One of the tracks I still love on this is the Ludacris vs Kylie, which was one of the first whitelabels I found online (as a Mic-In track, so for years never knew who did it!) and talking of Mic-In (finding snippets of default titled audio and speech shared by accident on Audiogalaxy – oh those were more innocent/scary times…) Stark Effect’s Bunny Rabbits, Satan, Milk & Cheese is an absurd wonder to behold, if you’ve never heard it or even if you have…Also you can hear a few people moving beyond pop sources, like X.Pol, or Braces Tower. Never found out who did that Electrelane boot, though.

Mutant Pop Three (mediafire)


  1. Osymyso / On Osymyso! No?
  2. Freelance Hairdresser / One Minute Marioland (Mario vs Missy)
  3. Mcsleazy / Forget deeper noise (Patrice Rushen vs Madonna vs Public Enemy)
  4. Ultra396 / Ultra396 – Public Dance Floor (Sophie Ellis Bextor vs Public Enemy)
  5. The Unknown / Can’t lick you outta my bed (Ludacris vs Kylie)
  6. Go Home Productions / Beyonce Vs Jimi Hendrix
  7. Stark Effect / Summer survivor (Destiny’s Child vs LFO –no the other one)
  8. Braces Tower / Original Cold Scrubs (The Streets vs Coldplay vs TLC)
  9. Go Home Productions / Oasis are Gaye (Sexual Wonderwall) (Marvin Gaye vs Oasis)
  10. Go Home Productions / Making Plans For Vinyl (Tweet vs XTC)
  11. Go Home Productions / Little do you know your rights (Clash vs Liberty X)
  12. Ultra396 / Rock the Party (Clash vs Pink)
  13. Freelance hairdresser / Marshall’s been snookered…(Eminem vs Snooker Rag)
  14. X.Pol / Soul2soul vs Billie Holliday
  15. Fondue Meltdown / Get Your Beats On (Missy Elliot vs Beats International)
  16. Bittersoundfoundation / JustBgood2roxy   (Beats International vs Roxy Music)
  17. Magic Cornflake / Close to women    (Cure vs Destiny’s Child)
  18. Ultra396 / No Lullaby   (Cure vs TLC)
  19. Has film music come to this    (Electrelane vs The Streets)
  20. Stark Effect / The Inertia is Mine   (Massive Attack vs Brandy & Monica)
  21. Stark effect / Bunny rabbits, satan, cheese & milk
  22. Freelance Hairdresser / Marshall’s Been Done To Death  (Eminem vs The World)

Free shit 3: Mutant Pop One 2002 Mashup compilation

Before this blog, before the mashups, before the Mutantpop forum (remember that?) and before the DJ sets there was the Mutant Pop compilations (which gave it’s name to the domain and forum and original URl of this blog…). The first creative act with mashups I spent ages compiling and finding the best quality mashups I could find (not that high quality, remember this is 2002 and it’s LoFidelityXFMMashupBastard106BoomselectionStereoVision!) and even longer doing the artwork – which is amazing since these were handed out to a few friends and that was it – although they did spread to others later on.

So this is like a portal into 1999-2002 and the state of mashups, GYBO and especially Boomselection, where mashups were bootlegs and music was scared. This is I suppose a small slice of history of that period – and in the 6 volumes (collect the set! Shrinkydinkies! *ahem*) there’s a mix of known and unknown, odd and arty and purely dancefloor but a lot of still great mashups. Presented to you in their original format (as any re-ripping would make them disappear!).


Mutant Pop One (mediafire download)


  1. Freelance Hellraiser – A Stroke Of Genie-us (Christine Aguillera vs Strokes)
  2. Conway – Lisa’s Got Hives (Lisa Lopes vs The Hives)
  3. Soundhog – One Phat Breeda (The Breeders vs Adeeva)
  4. McSleazy – Don’t call me song (Madison Avenue vs Blur)
  5. Conway – Smells Like Missy Elliott (Nirvana vs Missy Elliott)
  6. Freelance Hellraiser – It Ain’t Hard to Tell (Young MC vs ?)
  7. Kurtis Rush – Overloaded (Dr Dre & Eminem Vs The Sugarbabes)
  8. B.R.K. – JackoNim (Michael Jackson vs Eminem)
  9. Audioshrapnel – Dexyenemy (Dexys vs Public Enemy)
  10. Freelance Hellraiser – Nelly vs Grange Hill
  11. Girls On Top – Being Scrubbed (Human League vs TLC)
  12. Frenchbloke – Don’t Rock (Yazoo vs Vitalic)
  13. Frenchbloke – David Fischer (Craig David vs Fischerspooner)
  14. Soundhog – Blue Music (New Order vs Madonna)
  15. Frenchbloke – I Feel Kylie (Kylie vs Depeche Mode)
  16. Freelance Hellraiser – Musical Know How (Young MC vs Madonna)
  17. Dsico – I Don’t Need You Tonight (INXS vs Madison Avenue)
  18. Kurtis Rush – Get Ur Faith On (Missy Elliott vs George Michael)
  19. Girls On Top – We Don’t Give A Damn About Our Friends (Adena Howard vs Tubeway Army)
  20. Kurtis Rush – One Minute Cat (Cure vs Missy Elliott)
  21. Soulwax – Dreadlock Child (10CC vs Destiny’s Child)
  22. Braces Tower – Special Child (The Specials vs Destiny’s Child)
  23. Soulwax – Start Button (Streamer)

P.S. yes I know some of the inlay info is now wrong – easy to be informed in the age of Wikipedia but then it was a lot harder to find out who did X track. I’ve corrected where I know in the MP3 tags. Special apologies / hugs go out to Rich Audioshrapnel – I was part right, they were both on Freelance and Fundamental mixes, but I didn’t at that point know who Dexyenemy was really by! Also the rush to cutup radio mixes and post them on Audiogalaxy didn’t just lead to dodgy audio quality, it also lead to tons of bootlegs credited to Freelance Hellraiser or Soulwax wrongly…

Well if people labelled their shit correctly back then I wouldn’t get it wrong would they? Having spent a lot of the last few days wading through shitty MP3s badly tagged or just strangely named, you all deserve to be called DOgCun7y13BOLLOckz-Missy-4ckIt-ToasterBrainz.mp3…so no moaning :-P

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