Cue the piper! Play you bastard!

As we start another Commonwealth Games, here’s the producer Stewart Morris trying to wrestle the opening ceremony of the last Scottish games, the disastrous 1986 Games in Edinburgh onto the telly…very funny. (sort of via Soundhog who posted the Eurovision one, funny also)

Trunk TV 2

Another fascinating instalment of rare early TV title sequences from Trunk. (via soundhog)

Mr Bronksi Meets Mr Evans

I love the Barron Knights, and I’ve never heard this version of I Feel Love, but after Soundhog posted this video for Buffalo Bill Girl’s Last Scratch (hmm that has a different meaning now after Silence of the Lambs…), I went looking for other Barron Knights singles I’d missed and found this. Genus animation from Russell Brothers, and very funny.

Dolly in Poplar 1977

Soundhog said that the other videos on the person who uploaded the Shoreditch Experimental Music School were worth checking out, and he wasn’t wrong. A veritable trove of London history. Here Dolly Scannell talks about how Poplar has changed in 1977. It’s the YouTube site of Chris Dorley-Brown who apparently did a BBC In The East End DVD in 2007 with the BBC..I’d love to see that.

These are the types of educational TV programs we’ve lost, and it’s sad there aren’t more online about London history, because this is fascinating.